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About this Project

PARENTESYS Press © y Professional Newspaper © is a Software Tool for the generation of digital content with a cloud service, of the type SaaS (Software as a Service).

With it, you can create digital newspapers and magazines easily, without the need to install anything, or have extensive knowledge of other tools. Our Content Manager (CMS) is simple and intuitive, so that you only dedicate yourself to create your content and share it on social networks .

  • Standard Digital Newspaper

    Standard version :: Create a Digital Newspaper :: Customers Newspapers

    Our CMS is developed to simplify the process of publishing digital content. The result you will get is a Newspaper or Digital Magazine , with professional design and features.

    ✔️ Easy and intuitive Content Manager (CMS).
    ✔️ Drag & drop cover layout.
    ✔️ Total customization of the design and visual appearance.
    ✔️ Prepared for the correct indexing in search engines. (SEO)
    ✔️ Share your content with the most important social networks.
    ✔️ Create, modify and correct content as many times as you want.
    ✔️ Management of images associated with your content.
    ✔️ "Responsive" design, adaptable to mobile devices, smartphones and tablets.

  • Professional Digital Newspaper

    PREMIUM services for professionals :: See pricing plans :: Our Customers Newspapers

    ✔️ PLAN BECARIO: 125 EUR / year :: 15 EUR / month
    ✔️ PLAN REDACTOR: 250 EUR / year :: 25 EUR / month
    ✔️ PLAN DIRECTOR: 500 EUR / year :: 50 EUR / month

    If you need to take your Digital Newspaper to the next level, these are the PREMIUM modules we offer:
    All the functionalities of the Standard version are included.

    ⭐ Own domain (if you don't have a domain yet, we take care of its registration and management)
    ⭐ Management of Advertisers and Advertising Banners to monetize your newspaper.
    ⭐ Management of Google Adsense ads & Analytics with Google Analytics.
    ⭐ Newsletter management: capturing and sending email campaigns to the subscribers of your newspaper.
    ⭐ Payment management with Paypal: turn your newspaper into a Virtual Store by adding Paypal buttons to the content.
    ⭐ Amazon affiliate management: turn your newspaper into an Amazon product store.

  • Our clients

    Professional digital newspapers

    We show you some of our work, so you can see what your next Newspaper can be like. See more examples dvr

  • Video Tutorials

    In our Youtube channel you will be able to see the help videos that we are uploading. Subscribe to not miss the news!

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